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Many Things Bug Me
Saw that Naruto. Warned him. Don't need to fight him, just have knowledge of his hive. Cockroaches are persistant, but will flee when the lights are turned on.

Was doing surveillance. Saw Akamaru headed my way. Turns out, Kiba got hurt. Somehow. Somehow. Some sort of claim of being hit over the head, or falling... I'm not clear on it. There was certainly a dumpster involved. Took him to the hospital. He's unreasonably stubborn, as per usual. Medic said his nose was broken, and that he was malnourished. Quite suspicious. Left him there. Bothers me... Bothers me when my friends are injured. Bothers the hive.

Went to inform Hinata. Did not watch as she undressed, though tempted. Hyuuga home is not a hive... Hyuuga home is entangled in archaic human social rites that make no sense. If it were a hive, proper respect would be paid to Hinata, as their queen.

Next day:

Requested mission. Hokage treating me oddly. She suspects. Will need to be much more careful.

Bought food, brought it to Kiba. Hinata was there. The worry in her eyes made me question my action. Numbness. Shaking. Is it part of the training? I know not. Kiba being stubborn... Then cooperating. He should listen more to Akamaru. Dog is smart. Pack animals are a hive, but that pack is also disrupted. The disruption caused Kiba to leave the pack. I do not blame him. Kiba's family... Hinata's family... My family... No wonder they put us together.

Decided: Kiba will be staying at my place.

After this, took a note to the Hyuuga home. The eyes of Hinata's father... The same eyes, but not kind. Not gentle. After this, some trouble with self. Vomiting. Some black goo emitted from my skin. Strange dreams.

I will have to leave Konoha again, soon.
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Saw Kiba. There's a good possibility that he's spying on me for the Hokage. I don't mind, though. Kiba is just...misled.

I was glad to see him, but I wish Akamaru would take better care of him. He smells like garbage. He said he'd been in a dumpster. Why does he do that? I don't know, and I don't ask, because I doubt I'd understand it, anyway.

Kiba yelled at me a bit for being gone so long. He worried, he said. I apologized.

We talked about Hinata. Kiba said I should go talk to her. I don't really want to. If I see her, I might lose focus. Kiba's presence is already causing me to lose focus. But, I...do want to see her... There is always a lingering worry for Hinata. She's strong, but far too trusting.

Did some surveillance. Everyone in Konoha is apparently insane. There is no explanation for why Shiranui Genma was talking to a tree, why Rock Lee was inching down the street on his stomach (naked), or why Naruto likes to transform into a girl and talk to people.

I feel dizzy.
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Implemented Phase One of Action Two. Execution of plan completed without major difficulties. Acquired target objects, and have since moved them out of the city. Was approached by the Sannin Jiraiya with questions regarding my insects being onsite. Provided sensible answers.

Am back from [MARKED OUT]. Saw [MARKED OUT] and [MARKED OUT], and spent some time meditating and communing with the various hives and colonies. Am beginning to implement surveillance operations for Phase Two of Action Two.

Have not seen Kiba, Hinata, or Kurenai-sensei. Am actually rather thankful of this.

My hands are shaking...again. Why does this happen whenever I go to [MARKED OUT]? There is an oddness. A definite oddness.
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I finished the mission undertaken for Mijinko. She will be most happy.

It is strange to be among humans again, and I don't think I am taking to it well. Grandfather...was simply too far removed from humanity. Mijinko was...Mijinko. Over a year spent in the kikaichuu breeding grounds... It's good for training, but not for building your social skills. The only people who were ever helpful on that count were Hinata and Kiba, and Kurenai-sensei to some extent. I don't know where -they- are... Perhaps out on a mission. Perhaps they, too, have gone somewhere for a lengthy session of training.

I ran into the Sannin, Jiraiya, briefly. In the words of Shikamaru-sempai, that was "very bothersome". I did have the kikaichuu test his sake, to see if the Sannin drink anything interesting to boost their strength. But no, it was in fact, just sake. I also ran into Naruto, or rather, he ran into me, while I was attempting to complete my mission for Mijinko. Perhaps I was too hasty in brushing him off, but I...

Well, perhaps I still hold some ill will against him for all the pains Hinata put herself through on his behalf. She ended up stronger, and better because of it, but it was often painful to watch.

I absolutely must go to the store today. There is no food in my house. Things are so quiet now...

This next mission just...isn't going to be as simple.
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Have just now returned from mission with whole Aburame family, fending off locusts from nearby crops. Successful.

My cousins have lice.

And would not share.


Grandfather said that he has no more to teach me. So, this is the first time I've been back to the village in almost a year and a half. This shall be...interesting.
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